About us

Anovy was born out of the observation that disruptive innovations could be maximized by introducing them to the Asian market which I call cross-pollination of innovation. Anovy is all about increasing the value of a disruptive innovation through combining the introduction into the high potential Asian market with the increased access to strategic Asian partners.

With the right backing and approach, targeted innovations can be successfully expanded into Asia where trends (e.g. Population, Mobile & Web Consumers) are growing at a record breaking rate. The added bonus is that investment opportunities could be available for accelerated expansion.

This tri-polar strategy of taking an existing disruptive innovation, introducing it to the Asian market and facilitating access to financial backing is Anovy’s expertise.  Anovy’s team has years of experience across Asia with a broad understanding of the leading regional ICT players, the TMT eco-system, an in-depth  knowledge of technology, as well as a strategic view of the industry trends in their respective country/region.